Our philosophy on our process is to identify, quantify, assess and introduce talent that can make a significant impact on the performance of the business of our client. We achieve this by following stringently the methodology outlined below:

Research & Interviewing

Once Headhunter have been commissioned to proceed with the assignment, Headhunter will work with our client to make certain of our complete understanding of the role, the timeframe within which this assignment needs to be completed and the level of confidentiality of the position.

From this our team will conduct comprehensive research through our database, or through headhunting. Simultaneously, our team will conduct market research to ensure carefully selected lists of candidates are uncovered, contacted and screened.


Upon completion of our research, qualification and interviewing of candidates, we will prepare a Shortlist of the suitable profiles based on information collated throughout our process.

Interview Arrangement

Headhunter, if required, can arrange interviews between our client and the shortlisted candidates for the final selection.


Headhunter maintains throughout the entire process a sense of responsibility ensuring our clients values are upheld while ensuring we provide a consistent standard of quality to both our clients and candidates being approached for the role.